Fire TV Radio App

Getting your Radio Station on as many platforms as possible will ensure you get the best cut of the listeners… FACT. is all about making it possible to get YOUR Radio Station available on all the major platforms and attract new listeners. With this in mind, we have developed the Fire TV Radio App service, which allows you to broadcast your Radio Station LIVE on the Amazon Fire TV platform and access a potential 35.8 million listeners that have a Fire TV device.

We’ll build and publish your Fire TV App for your Radio Station with NO upfront development or setup costs, just a small monthly fee to cover hosting and operational costs.

This is a great way to get your Radio Station in front of a whole new audience and be part of a new way of broadcasting to listeners by taking advantage of the latest technologies available.

What is Fire TV? Fire TV is Amazons TV streaming platform and it has a music category where your Radio Station could be listed right now. It is a great time to get in on the action and make your station available for over 35 million potential homes that have purchased a Fire TV device.

But wait! We don’t just broadcast your radio station, we offer much much more! We will turn your radio station into a TV station and include the name of the song playing, artist and covert art, include adverts so you can monetize your station and even interact with your listeners/viewers using the realtime ‘ticker’ feature.

How does it work? All we need from you to get your Radio Station broadcasting live on the Fire TV platform are some logos and your Radio Stations live audio stream, that’s it!

Want to see what it looks like? On your Fire TV streaming device, go to the ‘Music & Audio’ section of the apps and look for ‘Hit Music 80s TV‘.

Ready to get your Radio Station live on the Amazon Fire TV platform?

Please see the Terms and Conditions page and the Technical Requirements pages before signing up.