Automatically post your Radio Stations songs, RSS feeds, scheduled posts and images and much more to your Twitter feed…


Make your Radio Station available to millions of listeners via Amazon Alexa-enabled devices with our Alexa Radio Skills…


Automatically post all your Radio Stations songs to the TuneIn radio directory and have them appear in listener searches…

Facebook Player

Add a Tab to your Facebook Page and stream LIVE radio to your listeners and followers via your Radio Stations Facebook page.


Get customized Now Playing & Recently Played widgets to embed into your website and offer your visitors a great user experience.

We’re and we post things to your Social Media profiles. We mainly post your Radio or TV Stations ‘Now Playing’ songs and videos to Twitter, Facebook and TuneIn.

So far we've posted 69,552,600 songs to Twitter, 28,702,703 songs to Facebook and 137,634,530 songs to TuneIn.

We also have many more services such as Widgets, Streaming server monitoring, Website monitoring, Silence Detection and Song Detection services. We also offer a Facebook Radio Player Plugin so you can stream your Radio Station LIVE from your Facebook page and more recently, our range of Mobile Phone Apps for iOS, Android and Amazon and our latest addition, the Alexa Radio Skill service!