Alexa Flash Briefing Skill

If you have a News site, or a blog that publishes articles on regular basis, why not get your content on Alexa devices! Alexa Flash Briefings are very popular and a great way to get your content out to more people using this growing platform. can get your news feed on any Amazon Alexa-enabled device easily and quickly. All we need is the name of your feed/site and a link to a compatible RSS feed, that’s it! We’ll do the rest and get YOUR news/blog/article feed onto every Alexa device.

How does it work?

  • Sign up, submit your news feed name, RSS feed and a logo.

  • We’ll do all the work to get your Flash Briefing Skill built and submitted to Amazon.

  • Enable the skill on the device with an ‘Alexa, enable <your feed name> skill and that’s it, every time a user says ‘Alexa, what’s my flash briefing’ Alexa will read out your news feed!

That’s it!