Twitter account match sensitivity changes/options

We have recently made a small change to our Twitter Auto Post service whereby you are now able to select a level of accuracy for the Twitter matching service.

Until now, our system has used a fixed algorithm to determine a successful match for an artist (or groups) Twitter account, an algorithm that has sometimes been slightly aggressive in nature (in an aim to not make an inaccurate match. Now you can select from the Twitter Auto Post control panel a level of accuracy (High and Medium) which you can choose from.

To give you an understanding of what happens here, the ‘High’ level means that we will perform a search for the official Twitter match against Twitters own search feature using an algorithm based on, amongst others, number of followers, popularity and more. The ‘Medium’ option simply relaxes the algorithm to allow for a broader term search and will allow more matches to be found, still based on the algorithm mentioned above, but will be able to use a lower threshold.

While both options will not, unfortunately, be able to guarantee 100% accuracy, the ‘High’ option will be more accurate but likely perform less matches (especially for lesser known artists and bands/groups) and the ‘Medium’ option will perform more matches, but may perform, at times, inaccurate searches and matches.

By default, your account will be set to ‘High’, but you can now change this via the control panel.

As always, if you have any feedback on this, please let us know here.

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