To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, this account is temporarily locked.

Update 01/05/2017

Occurrences of this have now dropped dramatically and it is thought that Twitter have relaxed the changes put in place regarding posting frequency. If any customers continue to have issues with this, please contact us via a support ticket. Thank you.

Update 18:00 – 01/04/2017

Our testing is ongoing. No accounts that we are testing on have been locked since testing started on 29th March. We will wait until Monday before announcing our suggestions to users that have had their accounts locked by Twitter. Thank you for your continued patience.

Update 18:00 – 31/03/2017

Tests are continuing on a number of our accounts, which remain working as expected and have not been locked, furthermore, we have only received notification of two accounts being locked in a 36 hour period so it would appear that Twitter have relaxed the changes they had made. If testing remains successful, we will be issuing a full statement in 24 hours with a list of suggestions to ensure your accounts do not get locked by Twitter in the future. Thank you for your patience.

Update 07:30 – 30/03/2017

We have been performing further testing on a number of our Twitter accounts overnight, the results of which are so far inconclusive in as much as there have been no further account lockings overnight for any account (not just ours). This could mean that the changes that Twitter have made have been relaxed. At this stage it is too early to say. We are leaving the test accounts working throughout the day, they are running different formats (content, links, affiliate links, etc…) and will hopefully be able to make a further statement very soon. Thank you.

Update 15:30 – 29/03/2017

We have now received further information from Twitter regarding the changes they have made to their algorithms and we are now in the process of testing some of the suggestions they have made on our test Twitter accounts. As soon as we are in a position to share this information (once it has been tested and verified, we will let you know.

A very brief summary is that this is very much ‘content’ related. The changes they have put in place have increased the sensitivity of their algorithms to detect the posting of automated and similar content (same or similar things in consecutive posts). An immediate action to alleviate the account locking at this stage would be to remove the use of hashtags such as #NowPlaying, #np, #listen, etc… and also there has been a mention of using affiliate links (Amazon and Apple) but once we’ve performed testing on our test accounts, we’ll be able to communicate more concrete results and suggestions.

As previously mentioned in this post and personal emails sent to you, we apologise for the inconvenience this is causing and would like to assure you that we are doing everything we can to find a solution to this problem. Thank you for your patience.

Update 17:30 – 28/03/2017

We are now in direct contact with Twitter and have some further insight as to what the issue may be, which is indeed related to a change on their platform. We are currently awaiting further feedback from Twitter to understand the implications of this change and what can be done to prevent accounts from continuing to be locked out.

As per the email sent yesterday, please consider temporarily reducing the frequency of the posts and, where possible, reduce the number of hashtags and links used in the posts. We have not had any confirmation that this is the issue.

As soon as we have some definitive information it will be communicated here.

Thank you for your patience.

Update 07:30 – 27/03/2017

We are aware that this issue is ongoing and are attempting to engage with Twitter to find out what can be done to prevent accounts from being locked.

If you account is locked, please visit this link BEFORE resetting your password ; and from there, ask why your account has been locked and an explanation of what has happened, indicating that the traffic is legitimate and not malicious. From there, please proceed to reset you password by simply logging into your account at this page 

As soon as we have further information, we’ll update this page.

Update :

Please use this form to report your account being locked:

Original Post : 

We are currently aware that a number of our customers Twitter accounts are being ‘locked’, all stating the same reason, ‘malicious activity’. We’re aware that this started to happen a few days ago and is still continuing to happen.

At the moment this would appear to be an automated process by Twitter and has been triggered by some sort of algorithm they have in place for detecting what they claim to be ‘malicious activity’, what is clear at the moment is that this algorithm has changed in the last few days and is either not working correctly or has had its sensitivity increased. Both options are possible at this stage.  Certainly our platform has not changed in any way for this to have been triggered by anything that we may have done.

While we are monitoring this closely and trying to carry out our own investigations into what Twitter may have changed, Twitter have not released any details or statement about what they may have changed.

Unfortunately, at this stage, the only people that can explain why the accounts have been locked are Twitter. We are recommending that if you have been affected by this, that you contact Twitter and attempt to obtain a reason as to exactly why the account was locked and what they are considering to be ‘malicious activity’. We have done the same with one of our own accounts that has also been affected by this issue and we’re awaiting a reply. Please understand that by suggesting this approach we are not trying to push the issue away from ourselves, nor are we saying that what they consider ‘malicious activity’ is not related to automated posts from our platform, it is just that only Twitter know why the accounts are being locked.

If you have been affected by this issue, we would recommend that you use this page to contact Twitter and ask them for the exact reasons your account has been locked:

Regarding the resolution of the issue, to unlock your account you need only to log back into your Twitter account and change your password. No action is required on our platform as our system is continuing to post to your account as scheduled. Once you have reset your password, posts resume after a few minutes.

To those customers affected by this issue, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused and we are trying to investigate what has changed on Twitter platform but at the moment it is out of our hands.

As and when we have more information about this, we’ll update this page on our website.

Thank you.


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