Platform Updates Feb 2018

We’ve made a number of improvements/changes to our platform.

Control Panel updates (v2.1)

  • Streaming Server config page – We’ve simplified the configuration page by only displaying the relevant fields required for each particular server type. This will help avoid confusion when setting up a new server. We’ve also added a help page specifically for streaming servers.

  • Facebook Token Check Tool – We’ve added a Facebook Token checker on the Facebook App page. This will help troubleshoot Facebook Tokens and check for issues, permissions and expiry dates/times.

  • We’ve extended the number of configurable streams available in the Mobile Apps from 4 to 6 streams. This is now reflected in the Mobile Apps configuration page.

  • It is now possible to change your password via the Control Panel. You may do so on the ‘Account’ page.

  • New service add-ons now appear automatically after purchasing and it is no longer necessary to log out and back in again to see the new service enabled on the Control Panel.

Platform Updates

  • We’ve made large improvements to the Recently Played Widget code to increase loading time. This change has automatically been applied to your Widgets.

  • We’ve also reduced the load time of the Facebook Player song list.

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