Songs have stopped posting to my Twitter feed

Q) Songs have stopped posting to my Twitter feed.

A) This could be due to a number of issues, to find out why, please check the server log for your account. You will probably get the answer you need from there. To view the server log, log onto your Control Panel and click on ‘Server Log’ and scroll down to the last entries. You can also see the latest Tweet status by clicking the ‘View Latest Tweet’ button on the Control Panel, which will give details of the latest tweet posted. When looking at the last entries, you will see if anything has been posted to your account. If the post has been successful, you will see an ‘OK Status 200’ message, this means that the post has reached Twitter correctly. There are some error codes which are useful, such as :

Error 401 – This means that there is an issue with your Twitter app. Please check the the four pieces of data you entered into the control panel under ‘Twitter App’ are correct. If you have entered them correctly, you may need to regenerate a new Access Token on your Twitter account. If you do, you will need to enter the new details on your control panel.

Error 403/261 – Application cannot perform write actions – Please see this page

Error 403/186 – Status is over 140 characters – Please see this page

Error 403/187 – Status is a duplicate – Twitter considers the item posted to be a duplicate. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this. This is not an issue with our service, but Twitter refusing to accept the post. If you believe this to be incorrect, please contact Twitter here.

Please note : We offer support via email ( and via support ticket.