How does it work?

Here at we have created some pretty cool services that allow us to automatically and seamlessly extract the data from any streaming server (we currently support Shoutcast (v1 or v2), Icecast, Radionomy,, CentovaCast, CAST, Radiojar, Tikilive TV, SAM Cloud, Live365, Airtime Pro, Laut FM) or audio playout software and post the song that is currently playing on your radio station to your Twitter feed, your Facebook page and to the TuneIn radio directory.

These services are a MUST for for any radio professional.

Twitter Auto Post – How does it work?

Our Twitter Auto Post service interrogates your streaming server, gets the name of the artist and song title, we then match the artist playing and find an image of the artist or band (we can also include the cover art if you prefer)* and include this with each post. We will also perform a match for the official Twitter account for the artist or band and tag the artist that’s playing*. We can also include a link with each tweet to add ‘Buy this song’ links so that listeners and followers can buy songs via each tweet, link this to your Amazon or Apple iTunes account and you can start making money from your Twitter feed!

When you sign up to Twitter Auto Post, you’ll get 2 emails from us, a ‘Welcome’ email containing information on how to get started and a further email with your control panel log in details.

Then you’ll need to create an App on your Twitter account (we can do this for you if required). This lets our system post to your Twitter feed on your behalf.

Then enter your details on your control panel (streaming server and Twitter app details, configure the features (customised messages, posting frequency, include images, buy this song links, etc…).

We also offer the opportunity to automatically post RSS feeds to your Twitter account! You can schedule weather, news, traffic updates to your Twitter account as often as you like.

You can also schedule up to 20 different static posts to your Twitter feed, this can also include images and you can schedule them as you wish.

There are many more features, check out this page for more. If you’d like to see it in action, check our this Twitter page that uses our service.

Facebook Auto Post – How does it work?

Facebook Auto Post works in a very similar manner to our Twitter Auto Post service. You’ll be required to enter your streaming server details via the control panel, set up the features (message to be sent with each song, posting frequency, include artist image*, etc…).

Then, once set up, we’ll interrogate your streaming server at the interval you have set to get the song that is currently playing, we’ll attached the message, and if set, we’ll attach an image of the artist/band or cover art* (configurable via the control panel) and we’ll send it to your Radio or TV Stations Facebook page.

If you’d like to see what it looks like in action, check out this Facebook page that uses our service.

TuneIn Auto Post

TuneIn Auto Post is a MUST for every Radio Station! TuneIn is huge and every Radio Station needs to be listed on it to attract those valuable listeners, but are you making the most out of it? Our TuneIn Auto Post service will send all of your songs to TuneIn so that they are listed in their directory. You can attract even more listeners if they can see which song you are playing and your station could be included in every listener search!TuneIn already shows the songs you are playing ‘in-app’ but they don’t show it on their website OR in listener searches. Get ahead of the rest and sign up to our TuneIn Auto Post service.

Now Playing / Recently played widgets

We’ve developed some widgets for you to embed into your website, there are currently two widgets we offer, Now Playing and Recently Played that allow you to totally configure and embed into your own website. We’ll display an image and the name of the song playing (or played), include affiliate ‘buy this song’ links, social icons and listen live links, all totally configurable via our control panel. Both of our widgets are SSL (HTTPS) enabled so you can embed them into your secure site. See them in action here.

Facebook Radio Player

Streaming LIVE radio right inside your Facebook Page is now possible with our Facebook Radio Player Plugin. You can now broadcast your radio station to your Facebook fans via your Facebook Page. Show the songs that are playing, recently played, include adverts (to monetize your Facebook Page) and much more. All configurable via our control panel where you can choose the colors, fonts, image sizes and much more. See it in action here and sign up here.

Mobile Phone Apps

No up-front development or design costs, we do it all for you. All you need to do is send us your logos and stream information and we’ll develop, design and publish your Mobile Phone Apps (iOS, Android and Amazon) to the iTunes, Google Play and Amazon stores for a small monthly fee. It couldn’t be easier! See the whole list of features here. Take a look at the iOS demo app here, the Android one here and the Amazon app here. Sign up here.

Server Down Detection

Can your station afford to be offline? Imagine how many listeners you would lose if your streaming server was down for an extended period, or if your DJ or playout disconnects… How long would it be before you realised? We have a cloud based service that can alert you via email and/or SMS if your streaming server goes offline or if your playout system goes down so that you can react quickly and get it back up again. Don’t lose valuable listeners! It works by periodically (up to every 1 minute) checking that your server is online and broadcasting and if not, alerts you immediately via email and/or SMS to let you know. Once it is back up again, it will also inform you.

Silence Detector

If you’re serious about your radio station you’ll want to know if there’s a problem with your audio stream immediately… With so many stations competing for listeners you cannot afford for your station to be off air. For this exact reason we’ve created our Silence Detector which will permanently monitor your audio stream and alert you if your stream falls silent (and again when audio has been restored).

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for? Just get in touch and we’ll answer your queries.

* Please note : We use a third party database for image and Twitter account matching. Please be aware that not every artist is in this database and that due to the vast number of artists and bands, omissions and errors may occur.