Changes to scheduling systems for RSS and Static posts

As part of our changes to the scheduling system to make all posting frequency changes real time, we have been making significant changes to the way the scheduling system works.

During these changes, we have copied over all existing settings to the new system.

Specifically for Twitter and Facebook RSS and Static message posting, when you now log in to view these changes, you will need to set the posting intervals up again (no settings have been lost or will change until you re-visit the page). When you revisit the RSS or Static config pages, please ensure that you have selected either ‘Timed’ or ‘Interval’ and enter EITHER the time you wish the post to be made OR the interval (in hours).

To detail further, for each of the 5 posts (RSS or Static) you can choose to have it post at a particular time (timed) and then enter the time you want the post to be made (24 hout format, UTC time) OR you can choose to have the message posted at a particular frequency (every x hours). To select this format, select ‘Intervals’ and then enter the interval (in hours) that you want the message to be posted (value from 1 to 23 hours).

Soon we will be adding the possibility of selecting days of the week to make the system even more flexible.


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