Change to Mobile App service – Apple Developer Account

Following the recent changes to Apples Developer Account Terms and Conditions in late 2017, it is now necessary for each customer to have their own Apple Developer account for us to publish their iOS apps to.

These changes relate to section 4.2.6 of Apples Terms and Conditions which specify that Mobile Apps should be submitted under each customers own developers account and not of the developer themselves (in this case,

As such, each customer must now take out a new Apple Developer account under their own name and, once completed, we will transfer the app to their account for review and certification.

Here are the steps to create your own Apple Developer account:

  • First, an Apple ID is required to use Apple Services. Click here to create your Apple ID. You will not be able to proceed until this step is completed.
  • Please keep in mind the Apple Developer account is £79/year ($99/year).
  • Next, you need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program as an organization. You’ll need your Apple ID as well as a DUNS number. You can acquire a DUNS number here.
  • To start enrollment for the Apple Developer Program visit this page and login to the developer section with your Apple ID.
  • After log in, you will be prompted to accept the Apple Developer Agreement in order to proceed.
  • Next, select “Join the Apple Developer Program”.
  • From there select the “enroll” button in the top right corner
  • On the bottom of the next page, select the “start your enrollment” option.
  • On the next screen and page fill out your organization’s information, agree to the legal agreements and then select the purchase button.
  • Done! You now have a fully functioning Apple Developer account.

Once you have completed the above steps, please email us or raise a support ticket and we will transfer the built app from our account over to yours.

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