It is now possible to add dynamic variables to Twitter and Facebook Auto Post static posts. The three variables introduced are %time% %day% and %date%. By adding %time% to any post, this will be replaced with the time of day (UTC timezone). You can place this anywhere in the static post field, for example: The time is currently %time% at the time of posting this. Will be translated to The time is currently 13:40:40 at the time of posting this. %day% will give you the day of the week and %date% will give you the date in the format of 5th April 2018. If you’dRead More →

Update 01/04/2018 It would appear that this situation is going to continue for some time while Facebook sort out the policy issues, as such, some new Apps do not appear to be working correctly. please contact us by raising a support ticket if your App has been affected by this Facebook Platform issue. Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience this is causing. Update 22/03/2018 This is a brief message to inform you that we have been made aware of an issue that is currently affecting the Facebook Platform. This issue may impact two of our services that use the Facebook Platform, Facebook Auto PostRead More →

We’ve made a number of improvements/changes to our platform. Control Panel updates (v2.1) Streaming Server config page – We’ve simplified the configuration page by only displaying the relevant fields required for each particular server type. This will help avoid confusion when setting up a new server. We’ve also added a help page specifically for streaming servers. Facebook Token Check Tool – We’ve added a Facebook Token checker on the Facebook App page. This will help troubleshoot Facebook Tokens and check for issues, permissions and expiry dates/times. We’ve extended the number of configurable streams available in the Mobile Apps from 4 to 6 streams. ThisRead More →

Here is a list of Known Issues and reported bugs for our Mobile Apps, along with their status. We have also included a section for suggested features. If you are an customer and would like to report a bug or issue not listed here, please kindly email info@autopost with the following details: Platform (iOS or Android). Make, model and software version (of the phone).  The issue (along with steps to reproduce). Known Issues / Bugs Reported Issue : Active Installs not being shown in the ‘Stats’ page on the control panel. Platform = Android & iOS. Bug status = Resolved. Priority = Minor. ResolutionRead More →

We have recently added the following features: Increased Static posts for Twitter and Facebook from 10 to 20 slots You can now customize the text that appears between songs, which was currently set by default to the word ‘by’. You can now customize the ‘Buy this song’ text. Our Now Playing and Recently played widgets are now fully SSL (HTTPS) enabled.Read More →

We’re very pleased to announce the launch of our brand new control panel! Our new control panel makes it much easier for our customers to set up and configure all our their services. We’ve designed the new control panel from the ground upwards taking into consideration comments and suggestions from our customers to make it as user friendly as possible. Please let us know your views on our new control panel!Read More →

Update 01/05/2017 Occurrences of this have now dropped dramatically and it is thought that Twitter have relaxed the changes put in place regarding posting frequency. If any customers continue to have issues with this, please contact us via a support ticket. Thank you. Update 18:00 – 01/04/2017 Our testing is ongoing. No accounts that we are testing on have been locked since testing started on 29th March. We will wait until Monday before announcing our suggestions to users that have had their accounts locked by Twitter. Thank you for your continued patience. Update 18:00 – 31/03/2017 Tests are continuing on a number of our accounts,Read More →

Hello! Good news! It is now possible to select the day of week you’d like our Twitter Static Posting to post to your account. Up to now, you could create up to 10 different messages to post with image to Twitter at either regular intervals, or timed posts, but these would be every day of the week. Now, you can choose which day (or days) of the week you’d like each post to be made. By default, unless you log in and make any changes, all posts will have defaulted to ‘every day’, you can now select which days each posts should be made. We’llRead More →

As part of our continuous improvement plan, we have recently added a new cover art image provider to our existing three providers, now totalling four image providers. This means that if you have chosen to display cover art with your Twitter and Facebook posts, we now search through four different global image databases to perform a match for the artist (or band or group) that is paying on your Radio station. We hope this latest addition will ensure that we are now able to provide an even better level of redundancy  (should one providers service go down) and also be able to match images forRead More →

Hello! We’re happy to announce that we now support the streaming platform for our Twitter, Facebook and TuneIn services! is a beautiful, web-based application that allows you to effortlessly control every aspect of your online radio station. Advanced automation, easy DJ management, and the ability to simply switch between live and automated broadcasting make running your station a breeze. Creating your own radio station has never been so easy. The platform is now supported for our Twitter, Facebook and TuneIn services so if you broadcast using this platform you can now get all your Radio Stations songs published to Twitter, Facebook andRead More →

We are writing to you today to inform you that we are being notified of a large number of our customers Twitter Apps being restricted by Twitter. At this stage we are unsure as to what has caused this apparent increase in App restrictions. To help give some guidance on this matter, we’ve decided to drop you an email. In order for our service to be able to post to Twitter on your behalf, you will recall that when you signed up to our service, you created an App on your Twitter account. This App enables our platform to be able to post things toRead More →

We have recently made a small change to our Twitter Auto Post service whereby you are now able to select a level of accuracy for the Twitter matching service. Until now, our system has used a fixed algorithm to determine a successful match for an artist (or groups) Twitter account, an algorithm that has sometimes been slightly aggressive in nature (in an aim to not make an inaccurate match. Now you can select from the Twitter Auto Post control panel a level of accuracy (High and Medium) which you can choose from. To give you an understanding of what happens here, the ‘High’ level meansRead More →

Hello! We have been asked on a number of occasions whether we offer free trials for our services, so now we are! You can trial absolutely free of charge our Twitter, Facebook and TuneIn Auto Post services by visiting the page No payment details, immediate sign-up and trial our service, easy as that! Questions? Just let us know here.Read More →