Alexa Radio Skill FAQ

What is a Skill?
Imagine it as an App. Just like a mobile phone, an Amazon Alexa-enabled device can do lots of things without apps on it, but you have to install apps on it. A Skill for Alexa is the same, you have to install skills on the device for it to do exactly what you want, like play your radio station.

How does it work?
Via our Amazon Developer partnership, we are able to develop and publish ‘Alexa Skills’ that will enable any Amazon Alexa device to play your radio station by simply saying “Alexa, play <your radio station name>”.

What do I need to do?
Just sign up here (for new customers) or via our control panel here (for existing customers), enter your stream information via the control panel and we’ll build, submit and publish the ‘Skill’ and let you know when it’s available on the Amazon platform.

How long does it take?
It takes 2 working days to build, develop test and publish the ‘Skill’ for your station and up to 3 working days for Amazon to approve and publish it.

How do I set it up?
There’s not much to set up! We just need the name of your radio station and your audio stream (a direct link to your stream). We’ll do the rest.

Can I change the information?
You can update the audio stream in real time via our control panel without the need to resubmit to Amazon. We’ve built the new service around Amazons platform so that users can easily update their stream details.

What if my Radio Station changes name?
We’ll need to re-submit a new ‘Skill’ to Amazon and delete the old one.

Can I change the ‘Alexa, play ‘ command?
No, this is a preset sentence which must be in the following format ‘Alexa, play <your radio station name>’. Amazon do not allow this to be changed and you would need to submit a new Skill.

What languages are available?
At the moment, the languages available are English (US, UK, AU and CA). Other languages are not yet available. Only devices set to one of these languages will understand the ‘play’ command.

Are there any statistics?
Yes, our control panel dashboard will give you monthly usage stats so you can see how well your Skill is performing. You will also be able to see usage if your streaming server provides stats by ‘user agent’.